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Your Project Resources

Building or remodeling a home is a big endeavor. It takes a lot of time and effort for all parties. But it doesn't have to be stressful.

Communication and transparency is very important for avoiding headaches. Below you'll find a sample of all we provide to you for your convenience. It is your home, and you should be involved and informed throughout the entire project. When you choose Alesi Custom Builders, you'll have access to:

Project Calendar

  • Allows you to know what and when things are happening. This also helps to avoid any last minute and/or rushed design decisions.

  • Calendars can be provided as Google Calendar (with alerts/reminders) and/or in PDF form.

Progress Updates

  • We understand that you are busy or may not even live in the area of your new home or remodel. That alone can be very stressful. No need to worry, though! You have the option (free of charge) to have a dedicated page where we'll post progress pictures, track your design decision dates and selections, review the project calendar, and so on.

Recommended Vendors

  • We have been building homes on the Eastern Shore for a few decades now, and have gotten to know great vendors and suppliers in the area. Our Vendors page is always accessible to you for when you want to browse your options and make your design choices.

Interactive Designs

  • Envisioning your new home can be difficult. We have the capabilities of creating 3D designs to allow you to "walk through" your home before it's even built. And, with the common screensharing technologies such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, design sessions can be held remotely!

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